Friends, Lovers and Bloggers

The world of travel is a world full of wonderful people. These are some of the amazing people I have gotten to know on the road and online:

Discovering Your Truth

I met Calan in Toronto at TBEX 2013. Calan is a travel and lifestyle blogger working on inspiring others and sharing his knowledge on how to create a life with more joy, happiness and success. He’s also gay and FABULOUS!

Waegook Tom

Tom is the voice, brain and fingers behind Living in South Korea, Tom begins his round-the-world trip in March 2013 and hopes to see new sights, meet new people and eat a whole lot of foodporn.

Where in the World is Lola

Lola is a fun-loving, and flirtatious traveler (and also my FABULOUS boss) who enjoys making friends wherever she goes. If you want interesting tweets and fun reads, check her out.

Leah Travels

Leah’s a bit obsessive when it comes to travel and counts new experiences like she does airline miles and shoes. Often a long-winded storyteller, Leah is delighted by the use of personification, derives way too much satisfaction from puns, and is fluent in sarcasm. She’s also a proud Texan, which really says it all.

Two Bad Tourists

David and Auston are native Arizonan’s who quit their life in Chicago to backpack around the world in 2012. At TwoBadTourists you can find peer-to-peer travel tips and follow their adventures. While they are great amateur travelers, they are admittedly bad tourists, but it hasn’t stopped them from visiting more than 35 countries during their travels.

Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler

Alex is a babe! We met officially for the first time at TBEX Toronto, but unofficially we have a hunch I flew on one of the flights she was an air hostess on. Her blog is about crazy travel, fun adventures and sexy photos. It features everything from spas, swimming, snorkeling, massages, adventures, flying, beaches, hiking, animals, city breaks and other experiences around the world.

Rexy Edventures

The sweetest travel blogger there is. Ed Rex is behind a RTW and British budget backpacking blog with a witty and deafness slant. Be prepared to get Rexy!

Scarlett Wonderland

A travel lifestyle blog for people who are fabulously imperfect, up for a laugh and don’t take themselves too seriously. Sounds like my kind of blog!


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