About Josh

Name: Joshua aka Josh, Joshi
Age: 27
Born: Paisley, UK
Occupation: Water & sanitation professional, currently on sabbatical.
Current Location: Europe
Countries Visited: Kind of losing track these days, but it’s over 40…
Favourite Countries: Myanmar, Germany, Brazil
Favourite Cities: Yangon (Rangoon), Glasgow, Rio de Janeiro, Toronto, Singapore, Hong Kong

Since starting my own travel journey while at university, I seem to travel more and more with each coming year. After voluntary work in Swaziland and China, I knew travel was something I wanted in my career, and so I further invested in my international experience by working in Mongolia and Germany. After graduating with a Master’s in Applied Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, I took a job as a field service engineer to further feed my travel habit. After 2 years working that job and reaching my quarter life crisis, I quit and work in the humanitarian response to the Ebola epidemic in Liberia. Since then I’ve been working in Myanmar and will be starting a sabbatical in Europe in 2016.

Visa Problems

While travelling I keep a conscious decision to keep an open mind, in order to discover as much as I can about a place, and always as the question “What is this place really like?” I dig a little deeper and try to learn what the reality of life in a given place is, especially as far as culture, industry and gay issues are concerned. There are too many stereotypes about different people and places, and my aim is to break them down, write honestly and share the truth about a place (or at the very least a different perspective).  On top of that I’ll be sharing my own personal thoughts and experiences from the road.

Engineer Travel Map

I need coloured maps of where I’ve been, otherwise I’ll forget….

Life working as an engineer on the road is challenging, but full of opportunities. I hope you’ll enjoy sharing in those opportunities. I’m not really sure where my travels are going to take me next, but I’ll be looking forward to it wherever, whenever it is and really making sure I make the most of every day. And if you happen to see me on the road, make sure you stop me and say hi…

Thanks for stopping by – I really appreciate it!


2016 Travel Plans

  • January – Scotland, England, France
  • February – France, Scotland, USA?
  • March – TBC

20 responses to “About Josh

  1. It was great to run into you at the Bogyoke market last week. Thanks for answering our questions graciously. We were surprised to see someone whose website we’d recently visited in person. Good luck with your travels and we will be reading your adventures here.

  2. Great website, Josh. Would you mind giving me your contact details in India. I am Anand and living in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India., and flying very soon to Yangon on my new job as a lecturer. Hope to talk to you to get some basic info. about Myanmar & Yangon.

  3. Hi Josh,
    Impressive website mister.
    As a fellow Paisley buddy who also went to Glasgow Uni, it’s nice to see that someone else escaped the grey of Renfrewshire!
    Have a great Christmas sir.

    • Hahaha I’ve known classmates who’ve escaped only to come back to get drunk in Kelvingrove on a rare sunny day. What were they thinking!? Glad you like the website.

  4. I never really thought you could gel travel and engineering, but you truly have been an inspiration. Great stuff man
    Gives me hope that i can make my way there too 🙂

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