A New Chapter

Life has recently taken a decidedly different turn. After graduating in Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering in 2012, I worked as a water treatment engineer for 2 years, travelling from project to project with mind-numbing frequency, but living a life of excitement and diversity. Then through acquaintances I ended up working in the midst of the Ebola epidemic in Liberia. That led on to working in Myanmar…

And now that has led to a complete change of circumstances. I took a brief sabbatical, including a road trip around Southern Africa, but now I find myself back studying. My current reality is an advanced masters in International Environmental Management between Paris School of Mines and Tsinghua University in Beijing. I’m in Beijing for 3 months followed by Paris for 4 months, absorbing a whole host of lectures and information. Beyond April will be completing an internship with a company (where exactly I’m not sure but a blog post is sure to follow) and then a huge question mark hangs over where exactly I will find myself in the future… 

Needless to say I am loving life in Beijing. I’m enjoying finally learning something. And I’m having a meltdown each time I recognise a Chinese character. Who knew learning languages could be this fun?! 

With time I’m going to work on some more coherent posts. And hopefully the Government firewall won’t be too much of a hassle. But either way, I’m excited to be in the midst of a new phase in life, in the process of making new friends and challenging myself on a daily basis. So far, I think this has been the right decision but it will take time and effort to really reap the rewards: nothing happens by accident!


2 responses to “A New Chapter

  1. A few years back it seemed you’d got your life well sorted and well planned out. You talked about grown-up things like promotions at work, networking, support networks and so on. You even seemed to be enjoying your working life.

    Was it all fantasy or did something go seriously awry?

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